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toad.exe not ending in task manager after completion of the process.

Hi have a automation scheduled which run several scripts then runs a macro to perform certain formatting and then send email. Till last week everything was smooth as the process was ending with 0x0 result(In task scheduler). Now after the process is exited through normal window or the scheduled process it does not end in task manager.

Though I have managed a workaround till I find the fix by creating a .bat file which will kill the toad.exe however, it does not seem to be a great solution as it will close all the open toad.exe processes.

Few details of installation - It is setup on windows 7(In my office) on a normal desktop which I use for scheduling several reports(weekly, daily, monthly) basis.

I have Toad for data analysts I know it’s pretty old but our org didn’t upgrade :frowning:

Any help would be much appreciated.

Figured out thr issue. There was some mysterious problem with my windows profile hence I had to delete and create profile again which did the trick along with new job name.