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Issue trying to run Toad from Windows 7 Task scheduler


I just switched computers: I had WinXP on the old one and now have Win7 on the new one. On XP, I had a Windows Task schedule that started a Toad instance, ran a series of scripts that exported to an Excel file, and finally emailed that Excel file to a group of people. So the Windows scheduled task would start Toad.exe -a “my-scripts”, and Toad would start CMD and Excel. This worked fine.

Now on my new computer, when the process starts, I ear the “ribbit” sound, and I see he first CMD and Excel windows that are spawned by my Toad script, but the Toad window itself remains invisible. Using Syinternals Process Explorer, I see Toad.exe (running as me, not system or anything else, and I am part of the Administrator group), I see the spawned CMD and Excel windows, but Toad itelsef eventually dies, leaving the cmd and Excel windows behind, with Excel empty.

I tried forcing the Toad window to reveal using a tool called “forceWindowVisible”, but Toad won’t show up and eventually quits before I can see what is wrong. (I use that tool often when I try to export something using Toad and it dies, leaving the Excel window hidden - I can then recover that window and save the content)

My Scheduled task is very basic: Open Toad with “-a” parameter, calling my check scripts, everyday in the morning. I configured it to only run when I am logged in and I leave my workstation logged in as me all the time, locked when I am away (saw it could be an issue with Windows 7’s Task Scheduler: However, people there suggested that running it only if logged in solved the issue: it does’t seem to work with Toad.

I really rely on those checks running every day and sending this automated email before people come into office. Anyone ran into this issue and was able to fix or get around it?