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Toad fails to load and install correctly

TDP started failing on me today & have uninstalled since. However the install fails as well. Looked thru forums and couldn’t find a clear fix. Looks like it could be a license issue.

Deleted C:\Windows\Temp contents

Found it in the appdata/local/{…} xml but everything looked legitimate there.


Stack Trace: at Quest.Licensing.QuestKeyFactory.QKFInitialize() at Quest.Licensing.QuestKeyFactory…ctor() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.loadAndValidateQKLkeys() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.SetCurrentToadOption() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.SetOptionsAndCheckIdentity() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.Initialize() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.get_InstalledPlatforms() at Quest.Toad.Map.MapValidation.get_InstalledPlatformTypes() at Quest.Toad.Util.Global.get_MutexAppCode() at Quest.Toad.StartupForm.MainAppicationEntryPoint(String[] args) at Quest.Toad.ToadProcessEntryPoint.Main(String[] args)

What OS are you running on?

We started seeing a similar issue when the IT Overlords, in their infinite wisdom, decided to bork all .Net applications on Windows XP across the board.

Try clearing out your temp dir. If it is too large you can get this error.

Thanx, that worked !!