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Toad for DA 2.5 - Date comparisons and conversions



I have an odbc connection from Toad DA to an Oracle Bi server. I am trying to do a simple query : query a table where “Birth Date” > ‘01/16/1957’

In the target BI server, 'Birth Date" is varchar2, and hence it returns values 01/19/1964, 01/24/1935… 01/24/1935 should not be returned.

How can I use a date function to compare like I would normally do :

select *
from …
where to_date(“Birth Date”, ‘mm/dd/yyyy’) > to_date(‘01/16/1957’, ‘mm/dd/yyyy’)
The above results in sql syntax error.

Any help would be appreciated!



You would need to look into what functions the driver supports.



I’m not sure if the text you pasted is actual or a typo but it looks like you have quotes around the Birth_Date field.