Which Toad to buy

Hi All

I need to access both Oracle and Sql Server databases, Which flavour of Toad should I go for?
A quick reply would be most appreciated.

Try this one: https://www.toadworld.com/products/toad-data-point

If you need more oracle and sql server specific features you may need these instead:

They all have free trials.

Hi John

Is Toad Data Point fully featured, so that it allow for the creation and execution of stored procedures for instance?

I am a developer for Toad for Oracle. I don't know much about the other products.

Creating and executing a stored procedure seems pretty basic, so I would think you can do that in TDP but I don't really know.

Download a trial and see for yourself.

Hi John.

I cant download the free trial here because the IT estate is very tightly controlled.
Would you know if accessing a database hosted in the cloud would be problem for Toad DP ?

I really know nothing about that product, sorry.

They have their own forum, you can probably get some answers there...