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Export to Excel opens an old Excel version

When exporting a result set from Toad for DB2 (v5.5), it opens Excel 2010 (v14).
I have Excel 2016 (v16) installed, why does Toad use Excel 2010?
Can I change it to open an Excel 2016 spreadsheet?
Thanks for any assistance, - David

Hi David,
are using Toad for DB2 5.5? This version has long been unsupported. The best advice is to install a newer version.
But you can try exporting to a spreadsheet and not to excel instance.

Thanks, I guess Excel is bundled into the software.

Do you know if there’s a 32-bit version of the latest Toad for DB2?

  • David

My apologies, I should have looked first.

I’ve located the 32-bit version, I should be good.

Thanks, David

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