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Toad for Mac stuck on "Initializing connections and drivers"? How to solve?


Hi guys,

My company has an Enterprise license for Toad and I am running Toad 2.3 on Yosemite (Build 201510210824).

Toad worked fine until I rebooted my Mac and now it’s perpetually stuck on “Initializing connections and drivers”.

A check of “Force Quit” has Toad “not responding”. Anyone have an idea how to fix this? I have tried uninstalling on my Mac and re-installing but apparently there are some residual files since it tries to keep making the same connections, perhaps a complete and total uninstall will fix it.

Many thanks for any pointers in the right direction



OK, in case someone else has this same problem and stumbles across this…

The solution I discovered was to pull the Toad app to the Trash, empty it.

Then go to ~/Library/Containers/ and “rm -Rf”

Then just reinstall it. Problem solved (for now)