Toad 17 stuck on login

I'm using Patch 1 and suddenly, when I start it gets stuck in the login window in "Checking feedback server".

Sometimes it goes through and completes loading (after some 5-6 minutes) but just as often, it crashes to desktop.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling it, I've tried putting the debug ticks to look in the logs, I trace the connections with ProcessMonitor but I didn't see anything wrong.

Reading on the forum, I saw that there was a similar problem and I set in toad.ini, FeedBackOptIn=0 but that only made it stuck further down in "Setting global options".

I suspect it has something to do with the AD that manages my network but I don't understand why there are other connections besides the license check or why this check is not done asynchronously so you can use the application normally.

Is there anything that I can do to avoid this? Or something more transparent about the problem so I can pass the issue to the network guys if this is just on my side?

There is one more setting that you can apply, similar to what you did with FeedbackOptIn.

Follow the steps here to set InternetAccess=0.

FYI, both of these can be set in the Toad options window, if you can get to it...

Options -> Online -> Allow internet access
Options -> Online -> Toad improvement program

Thanks for the reply unfortunately none of the changes were successful.

Still on startup, the loading gets stuck in "Setting global options", stays stuck for about 9 minutes and 45-50 seconds and then continues loading.

If I touch that green window, it goes into "not responding", from which it may exit or crash to desktop.

Start Toad from command line like this:

c:...path to toad...\toad.exe -freezecheck

Then when it gets stuck, you'll get an error dialog. At that point, please follow the steps here to get the call stack out of the error dialog, and post the call stack here.



Just confirming that both of there were already disabled.


Here's the error.
toad_error.txt (60.7 KB)

Hi Mihai,

Thank you for the call stack. It is very helpful. Toad is hanging while waiting for a response from the windows task scheduler. So I have questions:

  1. Is the windows task scheduler enabled on your PC? If not, can you enable it?
  2. Are you in some kind of high-security environment which does not permit the windows task scheduler?
  3. Are you using Toad for Mac version or is this on Windows?
  4. You said: I'm using Patch 1 and suddenly, when I start it gets stuck in the login window... Does that mean you had a prior version of Toad that did not exhibit the hang? If so, which version?

Below my answers:

  1. Task scheduler is active (I didn't even knew that it could be inactive because there are various tasks inside windows, depending on it)
  2. it's not a very tight security environment and I have administrator right on the machine but I know that my laptop is applying some AD policies.
  3. (and 4.) yes, it's the Windows version, specifically Toad for Oracle Base (64-bit) 17.0.353.2906

The problem occurred when I updated to Patch1 and the feeling was that this was the problem/connection.
In the meantime though, I uninstalled version 17, installed 16 and the exact same thing happens.

Then I updated again to version 17 and the deadlock remains so there might be something in my system but without a more detailed breakdown of the problem, I don't know where I could intervene and because it's a production machine, I can't reinstall the OS.

I don't think there is any need to reinstall the OS.

Was anything else installed or changed at the time when you installed Toad 17.0?

I see from your error log that you have McAfee installed. Can you try temporarily disabling that and see if it makes any difference?

Unfortunately no, it's automatically managed but I can try to find someone tomorrow, to disable it temporary or set some exclusions for the Toad folders.
But I don't really think that this is a problem, because we have 8 licenses for Toad and it is installed on 4 laptops and only 2 of them shows this behavior.

ok, well that's interesting.

If you go into windows task scheduler, do you have some items scheduled from Toad (even from a prior version)? If so, does it help if you remove these items from the scheduler?

If you do not, it may help to delete the "Quest Software" node on the left, if it's present. You can do that by right-clicking and choosing "Delete folder". You'll have to delete the "Toad" folder under it first.


There was no node in the scheduler list but discussing the uninstall earlier I realised that I had only done it from the menus without deleting any other folders left.
Therefore, I uninstalled everything again, both application and installer, deleted all folders that was with Quest, both from Program Files and user\appdata (except the settings one) and deleted everything I found in the registry related to Quest.

After reinstallation, the application started normally, without any crashes. I reimported the settings and there were no problems, after restart, again, everything works normally.

I didn't understand unfortunately if it was something local or something appeared a few days ago punctually when I've installed the new patch, which I did directly over the previous version, but now everything seems to be fine.

Thanks for your help!

Well, I wish we knew the cause but I'm glad you got it working again.