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Toad for Mysql 6.0 installation fails on Windows 7

“Toad is optimizing code …”
System hangs.

I wonder, if Toad is worth trying it?
Installation procedures shouldn’t be that complex today, should they?

Does your entire system hang or does it just seem like the installation program is hanging? This step of the installation can actually take a little while and that is normal (It is obviously not normal for the entire system to crash).

Thanks for quick reply.

Installation hangs, showing a not removable “always-on-top” windows with a never ending progress bar.

After rebooting the system, Toad for mysql seems to work properly although.

The question is now, was the installation completed properly, how can i check that?

You should probably be ok although the application might be running slightly slower than if you had let the installation finish (And the NGen step can take quite a long time, it takes several minutes on my machine and it is pretty fast).