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Failed installation Toad for IBM DB2 FREEWARE



During installation TOAD on my computer, i have only the first screeshot with next button.
When i clic it, the installation no continu. I have windows 7 64bits.

It’s my configuration which block this ? or i have a conflict with a application ? I go this installation when all my application is close (Dropbox, gtalk, wamp, etc…)

Are you an idea for this problem ?

Thank in advance



Thank for your answer.

I go with with administrative privileges but in the first screenshot i go next point et this screen close et nothing…

I used another PC and this installation is good. I think an application is a conflit with install but I do not know what.

Are you an idea for this ? i have WAMP server, visual studio 2010,etc…

one application can no go TOAD install ?

I watched all the requirements for installation and it’s good for me.

Thank in advance.


Please try silent install suggested in this link.
Please note that on Windows 7, the cmd program has to be opened “Run as administrator” to have the install privilege.
Hope this helps.