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TOAD for Oracle 11.5 on Windows 10 and tnsnames.ora with IFILE


For a customer we use TOAD for Oracle 11.5 on Windows 7.

Now we want to create the package for Windows 10. The problem here is that the IFILE lines in tnsnames.ora are not detected anymore.

How to solve this ?

Can i upgrade to newer version with same license ?

Just curious…

sqlplus from the same ORACLE_HOME (the one that is Toad showing) is detecting correctly ifile entries?

is this only thing that is a problem or do you see other issues as well?


Use newer version of toad so have no chance to check that.

Hi pollewops,

In addition to checking what Damir recommended, make sure the paths referenced by the IFILE lines in your TNSNames file are accessible from your Windows 10 machine. If they were defined as mapped drives in Windows 7, but not in Windows 10, that could also contribute to the problems you’re seeing.

As for the question regarding upgrading to a newer version with the same license, a good part of that would depend on whether you have an active maintenance agreement. I would contact your local rep to find out whether or not you have access to download the most recent commercial version. If you do, you may also need to get a new license key for your copy. There was an old style of license keys that was deprecated in Toad 12.5. So, if you happen to have one of those older-style keys, you’ll need to get a newer key from Quest’s licensing department. If you already have one of the newer-style keys, and have an active maintenance agreement, you should be able to upgrade using your existing key.

Feel free to let us know if you have any other questions.


Evening All,

Do these provide any help at all?…/tnsnames-ora-ifile-and-network-drives-on-windows…/92886…/22843

I had a few problems myself on Windows 7 where the entries in the IFILEd file, didn’t show in the new session drop down for tns entries. It turned out to be caused by my IFILED command having quotes around the file path. Once I removed the quotes, it worked perfectly.


Hi Norm, all others,

whenever I get problems like that I remove all possible influence and test on env with simple c:\oracle\my_ifile.ora (no spaces and shotname only) where %ORACLE_HOME% always return the same value. and always test with original Oracle products, lilke SQL*Plus is.

I have tested on one of mine VM where I have Toad 11.5 and Win 7…all was perfect.
And I use Toad 12.x on Windows 10 with no problems.

So hardly believe that there are any problems in that area in Toad part.


norm has created nice tool for checking tns entries. you should checked them as well