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Toad for Oracle Beta - Cannot Copy and Paste Color Syntax Highlighting

In Toad for Oracle 12.7, when you copy a selection of code from the Toad editor window and paste it into another Windows application like Microsoft Word, the color syntax highlighting from Toad is preserved and will appear in the pasted text. When you copy a code selection from the editor window in the Toad for Oracle Beta, the color syntax highlighting is lost and the code gets copied over to Microsoft Word as plain black text.

When I tested this, I had Toad for Oracle 12.7 and the Toad beta both installed on the same computer. Only Toad for Oracle 12.7 copies over color text.

I have found it very useful to copy code with the color syntax highlighting from Toad into emails or presentations.

Enable the option to copy text in rich text format on Editor|Behavior page in Options. It defaults to unchecked now because it hinders performance with large text selections.


Thank you for your help Michael.

After I changed the rich text setting in the Toad beta I was able to copy over color text.