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Toad for Oracle 12.12 Always on Top

Why is Toad for Oracle window always on top of my other windows? It is always covering up my other windows. I have to minimize it so I can see what’s hiding underneath. It didn’t work this way until the update. BTW: I have three monitors.

I suspect this may be due to something in your Windows configuration. There is no option in Toad’s option base that controls this behavior, and I just looked at the content of a number of our .ini type files and didn’t see a control parm in any of them.

Does the entire Toad (parent) window always stay on top of other Win apps, or is it only certain panels (within Toad itself) that always stay on top?

Hi, I have 12.12 and I also have similar issue, it doesn’t happen with any other application.

Example: if I have TOAD open and then I click SQL*Plus, I have to minimize to see SQL Plus.

Certainly unusual, to say the least. Have either of you opened a Support call for assistance on this?

Some of our Engineers may have seen this, but if not, we need to document and track the fix.

You may want to check out this thread - it seems similar:



I'm having this issue after a forced windows restart with 12.8.
Please advise any direction to resolve - it's troublesome.
Thank you