Toad 12.10 blocking other windows


Since I updated to Toad 12.10 yesterday, I’ve had an issue where the Toad always keeps in front of other windows, so I have to minimise Toad to be able to see them. This is annoying, but work-aroundable most of the time, but when Toad is running a script that takes a few minutes, and this happens I completely lose one of my monitors until the script has finished and I can minimise Toad.

If I restart Toad then the problem fixes itself for a few minutes and then comes back.

I have had this problem intermittently for years with the pop-up describe window, but never with the main window, and never as regularly as it is happening now.

I am using 64-bit Toad on Windows 8.1



Hey Dan,

I’ve tried to duplicate your problem using on Windohs 7 64-bit, but no luck. I tried toggling the “Execute queries in threads” option as well, but Toad behaves as expected for me. The only caveat is that I’m also running a multi-monitor program called DisplayFusion that may be happily interfering.

Do you have multiple monitors and maybe running some multiple monitor helper program as well?

Just a thought…


Do you have any other MDI (Multiple-Document Interface) application running on Windows 8.1 smoothly?

I suspect that not only Toad has a problems. I saw similar case on one client maschine which was in terrible shape.

So after new fresh windows installation, all was gone.

I am running with two monitors but no multiple monitor software.

Other MDI apps (like Word and Visual Studio) run fine on my machine. Only Toad has ever had this symptom.

I’d have thought the machine should be fine as it is only a few months old, so still relatively clean. I’ve had the same problem (but only intermittently, and only with the pop-up describe window) for years - going back to my old Windows 7 machine.

For now I’ve gone back to Toad 12.9 and that seems to have fixed it, so it does look like something that has changed with 12.10.

I can confirm that on 2 monitor system, after F4 which shows window on second monitor, result to be that window “Stay on top”. This is true when used “Alt tab” and try to focus some other window on that (non primary monitor).

When i minimize Toad and return it, this problem disappear.

Unfortunately cannot repeat that …

I’ve had this issue for years but I didn’t realise it could be dual monitor related. For me, if I use F4 to describe an object and the describe window pops up separately from main Toad blocking another application, it stops the focus going to that other application when I click into it unless I click on the title bar of that application. So, click into the body and focus stays with the Toad pop-up window, click on the title bar and focus goes to that application.


Yeah, I see that. I’ll take a look at it today.

Here’s what I’m seeing -

If you use the windows task bar icons to switch apps, the describe window does not stay on top of other apps that have focus.

The stop-on-top problem only happens when you switch apps by clicking on them.

It’s behaving for me today, so I can’t confirm. When I’ve had it in the past though, I’m pretty sure I’ve tried everything and I’ve always wound up having to restart Toad.

While you’re looking at this John, I don’t suppose you could take a look at the other issue around focus with the F4 pop-up window could you? I know you’ve had a look in the past but maybe while you’re having a look at this one you might see something different. I’ve been living with it but I use Alt+Tab a lot so it can be quite frustrating. Hope you don’t mind me not raising it as a new thread, it’s just that I’m sure it will be in the same section of code as what you’re already looking at in this one!

Just to remind you what it is:

  1. Describe (F4) an object.

  2. Minimise the popup.

  3. Navigate to another application

  4. Navigate back to Toad by selecting the icon on the task bar.

  5. Pop-up stays minimised and focus is in the main window (this is the desired state).

  6. Navigate to another application.

  7. Navigate back to Toad using Alt+Tab.

  8. Pop-up restores and has focus (not desired!).



Well, I think I have the stay-on-top problem fixed for next beta.

Unfortunately, whatever is causing the “restore a minimized describe window on Alt+Tab back to Toad” problem - that’s something different. I’ll keep looking at that one.

Ugh. I don’t have it fixed after all. Alt+Tab, stay-on-top behaves. Click from one app to the other, stay-on-top misbehaves.

The “restore a minimized describe window on Alt+Tab back to Toad” problem should be fixed next beta. There’s a possibility that this change will cause some new stay-on-top or minimize/maximize problem, but so far I haven’t seen any. If you see anything weird next beta, please speak up.

This change does not affect the original stay-on-top problem of this thread.

Thanks John, I’ll test them both out when the beta is released.

Is there any resolution on this? I am experiencing the issue with 64 bit

This thread has had a lot of comments on it. Can you provide some exact steps to reproduce the problem on 12.12? I’ll be happy to test it on 12.12 and 13.0 (coming soon) to let you know if it’s fixed there.

Hi John,

I have the issue outlined in the initial thread, where I click on other applications from the task bar but TOAD remains in focus. I have multiple monitors and am running Windows 10



Morning All,

just for information, this is not (just) a Toad problem, Windows 7 has had similar problems with other applications since at least 2010 according to (And other URLs across the interwebs. Windows 2010 also has similar problems. Perhaps Toad is just very good at exposing what appears to be problems in the underlying OS? [;)]

My recent post on the matter might help, maybe.…/35285


Are you talking about the main Toad window or some window it has created, like a describe dialog, that stays on top when you start some other application?

If it’s the main Toad window, then I am thinking that something is going in windows and I’m not sure what to do about it. If it’s a describe window (or some other window created by Toad) then I can take a look at that.

Also, if it’s the main Toad window - is Toad busy doing something when you switch to the other app, or is Toad idle?


Hi John,

It is the main TOAD and this is the only application that this happens on. TOAD is not busy when I switch to the other app - I can minimize it manually - but I have just realized that it only happens when I have two instances of TOAD running, with one on one monitor and one on the other.