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TOAD main window switches to Always on Top

This may be a difficult one as I can't offer any steps to reproduce or specific scenarios, but after having TOAD open from anywhere from one hour to a few days, TOAD puts itself to Always On Top and you can't get to any window behind it without re-starting TOAD.

I do use the describe window a lot on dual monitors, so I don't know if this has any impact on the issue, but it happens quite regularly. I'm using Windows 10 Pro.

You are in the beta forum, so I'm assuming that you are talking about the beta version of Toad and you are on the latest one ( Let me know if this is incorrect.

When Toad starts staying on top, and you want to switch to another app, does it make any difference on how you if you activate the other apps?
For example:

  • Clicking on the app's title bar
  • Clicking on the windows toolbar icon
  • Clicking somewhere within the other app
  • Using ALT+Tab

I have found in some cases that the first 2 methods have a different effect than the others.

Sorry, correct, I am on the beta version currently, but did happen in 140.0.0414 (I think this was the previous version I was running) and version 13 as well - one of the reasons I switched over to the beta.

The only methods I have tried so far are Windows Toolbar icon and alt tab. I run Toad maximised so therein lies the frustration - if an app loads behind the TOAD window, it is not possible to get to it to drag it out.

Hi Megan,

I had an idea on how this might happen, so I searched our source code, but didn't come up with anything. I tried some tests anyway with multiple monitors and describe windows but didn't get Toad's main form stuck on top.

I am thinking that it has something to do with windows within Toad which are popped up and then closed (or maybe just minimized or changed focus away from them).

So if it happens again, think about what you were doing that led up to it. If we can get some steps to reproduce this, it shouldn't be too hard to fix. Sometimes just finding the problem is the hard part.



Thanks. When it happens again I'll try to note down what might have previously been opened to provide more clues. Usually have the Describe window opened and closed quite a lot in the one session.

Do you use the grouped describe window? So if you describe multiple objects they Appear as tabs in the same windows? Or separate windows?

All items are in tabbed in the one Describe window.

I also have this problem from time to time. As far as I can remember, the Toad window stays in the foreground, no matter if I use Alt-Tab or click on another program icon in the taskbar.
I need to minimise Toad in order to access any other app window.

I use Toad in a Windows VM (parallels) with one monitor assigned to the VM.


The same with me, but I don't think this is something within Toad, as I face this problem also with other applications! From time to time some of my apps shows this behaviour.
Megan, have you tried it with the Windows key pressed and the arrow keys? Sometimes this helps (not always)...

Kind regards,