Toad for oracle Connection Error (in Chinese)

Just downloaded new version of Toad as my previous version expired.

Unfortunately using same user details TNSNAMES.ORA etc etc

i get a window showing “Items Checked” which all have green ticks, but at the top i have a load of chinese text which i assume is some sort of error message as below:


Items Checked

TNS_ADMIN environment variable is defined as “c:\Oracle817\Network\Admin”

“c:\Oracle817\Network\Admin\tnsnames.ora” was located

The following connect descriptor was found for ORCL.WORLD in the tnsnames.ora file = (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS_LIST = (ADDRESS = (COMMUNITY = = TCP)(HOST = tgbpc)(PORT = 1521)) ) (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = orcl) ) )

“c:\Oracle817\Network\Admin\sqlnet.ora” was located

NAMES.DIRECTORY_PATH specifies TNSNAMES in the sqlnet.ora file

We are using Oracle817… and have been using TOAD for many years.

Anyhelp appreciated


We’ll probably see a duplicate reply, but my earlier response by email hasn’t posted yet.

Interesting. This is the second report of this. Do you happen to know which ORA error you received? Can you reproduce in SQL*Plus to get the error code so I can reproduce it here? The other user was also using an 8i client, but we do not support 8i clients. is the oldest client that we support. I’d upgrade your client to something more recent or at least install a second one if you need 8i for other tools you use.

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately i dont get an ORA msg, which does not help.

In SQLPlus it connects fine (as it always did).

Unfortunately have stay on same version of oracle as old application and other reasons


I checked the support forum of our 3rd party component and there are other reports as well. They said in May that it has been fixed in the latest version which we are using for 12.6 already.

Unfortunately have stay on same version of oracle as old application and other reasons

You can still install a second client and use your old for other apps. Install a second copy, make sure that its path is after the 8.1.7 client and your other apps will still see the 8.1.7 client as the default Oracle home and you can select the newer client in Toad and set it to be the Toad default. This will support your old apps as well as Toad. We cannot offer any assistance if issues are specific to your 8.1.7 client. I don't know for certain if a new client will fix your issue, but I do know that there are obvious reasons for abandoning that 14 year old client when using a newer version of Toad.


Ok thanx…Is it possible to get 12.6 download ?

It’s in beta. You can grab it here.…/default.aspx

I just upgraded from 12.1 Freeware and am experiencing the same issue. Any chance at a resolution? I don’t think you can use the Beta if you don’t have an existing commercial license.

correct - beta requires most recent commercial license …

So for those of us on the Freeware version, is there any answer/solution/workaround possibly coming? Would it be more prudent for me to open another thread?

There are no known workarounds; however, I was unable to reproduce the issue using a newer client. What client version are you using? The others are using 8i client. Note that is the minimum supported client version. If you are using 8i I'd download a newer client and see as the issue might be limited to older clients.

I don't think you can use the Beta if you don't have an existing commercial license.

This is correct.

We update freeware with each release. The 12.6 freeware will have the fix and will be released sometime in the fall. Until then I suggest you update your client if you’re using an older one like the other users reporting the issue.

I think I remember downloading the 11g client at one point. Where do I look to check the current client?

Ah, I think we’ve found the answer. We’re also on the 8i client here. Where do I download a more recent client?

Thank you for your help Michael. or

hi there.

I have the same issue with the version 12.5 downloaded July 1st.

my client machine has oracle 8i and the server also has 8i

the error is in chinese but should say: ORA-12541: TNS: no listener.

that what the message shows when trying to test through oracle odbc client

do you think client can connect oracle 8i database?

Yes, but it should be noted that it’s not supported by Oracle.

Here’s the full interoperability matrix.…/article;type=NOT&id=207303.1


the issue was solved when I Installed oracle client 9i ( I supposed the new Toad Free does not work with old client I have installed (8i) or newer client is a minimum requirement.