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Toad for Oracle 12.7.1 has been released.

We just got word that 12.7.1 is now available via the support portal. I would encourage you to upgrade.


I can’t install 12.7.1

I have (x64 bit) version (win 8.1 enterprise, x64). I run “toad_for_oracle_2015_x64_full.exe”, accept terms, next, It shows license of current version, next, select only Toad for Oracle 64-bit, (the root folder is the same like current version by default), install, windows user account control Yes. Then I get “Finish” window. It contain description of Toad World and only one button, “Finish”. I click finish, the window is closing, and do nothing! What do I do wrong?

I have the same problem. It appears that McAfee On-demand scanning is blocking the install.

In my case, our AD group policy prevents adding new scheduled tasks, which the installer attempts to create for some strange reason. Unfortunately, I can’t find what I used last time for the solution.

The 12.8 installer is the same, but thought I’d mention this here…