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Can't seem to install past 12.6 recently

I just got a new laptop and I’[m trying to get up to date on installs. I have 12.6 installed and had the 12.11 beta working, but I can’t seem to get anything past 12.6 to install. I keep getting and unhandled exception in the installer.

My new laptop is Win10, but I have had this issue for the past couple of installs on Win 7 too. Coworkers have had the same issue, so we’re stuck in the relative TOAD stoneages with 12.6.

Have y’all heard of this?

Chris Johnson

IT Systems Analyst

Distribution Logistics


Are you using the bundle installer? There were some significant changes made to that for the 12.11 release (out a couple of hours ago) that addressed some of these. As an alternative, you can extract the individual MSI files out of the bundle installer and install one product at a time.

We have McAfee Enterprise Virus Other-Important-Sounding-Adjectives software, and need to temporarily disable it in order to install many products, including Toad for Oracle. For us, it’s because some installers require the creation of a restore point or they fail, and our policy prohibits the creation of restore points.

Just a thought… Good luck!