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Toad for Oracle Bug When Adding Constraint to View

I was attempting to add a PK to a View to see if it would make some Visual Studio developers lives easier and the SQL that Toad generates for this is incorrect and will not run. Here is a screen shot of the Create Constraint Window:


You can see this is a View (circled in Orange in the above image). When you click "Show SQL" you see the following:


It should read ALTER VIEW... not ALTER TABLE...

I am connecting to an Oracle 19 DB with Oracle Client . Let me know if you need any additional info.

Thanks. I see that and will fix soon.

As a workaround, double-click the view from the schema browser to open the "Alter View" window and add the constraint there.

I just snagged the the SQL and changed TABLE to VIEW and executed.

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Fixed in the current beta, which you can get here. Toad for Oracle 14.1 Beta

A change log is in the comments section of that link.