Toad for Oracle now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version: Toad for Oracle

This version is now a single installer of Toad for Oracle Subscription allowing for easier installation of bundled products you may be entitled to. Discover Xpert Plus edition which offers all the features and functionality of Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin plus SQL Optimizer. The Toad for Oracle Base Edition, Toad for Oracle Professional, Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin, and the fantastic Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus are available for an affordable annual price.

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For all of our existing customers, Toad for Oracle contains many new fixes and enhancements. (Many of which have been suggested by our Toad World members—Thank you all!)

For more information on these and other stability and performance improvements, view the release notes at

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To learn more about Toad for Oracle, visit

Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Administer Tablespaces: Access violation during refresh
  • Alter Job: Korean date/time format was wrong
  • Alter Scheduler Job: Changing of notifications not producing SQL
  • Alter Table: Columns not appearing in "add constraint"
  • Automation Designer: Execute Script File/Directory label incorrect
  • Code Analysis: Rule Set dropdown disabled when editor is blank
  • Compare Multiple Tables: LOBS not comparing by length in different DBs
  • Compare Table Data: SQL error when comparing external tables
  • Create Constraint: Double-quotes not added to table name when needed
  • Create Table: InMemory clause wrong for hybrid partitioned tables
  • Color Schemes/Dark Mode:
    • Code Analysis Report colors were wrong
    • Colors in File Compare Merge section were wrong
    • Connection colors on non-maximized windows blended together
    • Cursor dialog colors not right:
    • Disabled cells in "Arguments" frame much too bright.
    • Editor "New Tab" icon wrong color
    • Editor Output parameter window colored wrong
    • Grid filter dialog colors are too dark
    • Grid popups slow to launch
    • License info in about window is hard to read
    • Menu Selected Text color is wrong
    • Olive color too dark for user objects in Editor. Switching to Khaki.
    • Project manager icons have white border
    • Switching from one window to another is slow
    • TFS login window not styled correctly
    • Wrong colors in file compare
  • Datagrids:
    • CLOB data not displayed correctly on non-unicode database
    • Cached updates committing when it should not
    • Foreign Key lookup fails to double-quote, causing SQL error
    • Save Blob file extension incorrect
  • Describe: Window not remembering size/position
  • Dock Panels: Auto-hide dock panels closed after restart
  • Editor:
    • Access violation in Load DB Object dialog :
    • Access violation when dragging file from Explorer into Editor
    • Auto Debugger causing script error
    • Auto-replace being applied to strings and comments
    • Backup file not updated more than once
    • Content lost when popping in or out
    • Default file extension was SQL (should be lowercase)
    • F4 (Describe) on navigator not finding objects
    • ORA-03106 when running script with DBMS_OUTPUT
    • ORA-06503 not displayed when it is raised by Oracle
    • PLSQL Cursor output giving "Field not found" error
    • Profile Code and Navigator showing wrong results
    • Shift+F2 not working right
    • Top section can disappear after changing monitors or resizing
  • Explain Plan: Plan table not created in correct schema
  • Explain Plan: Wrong icons in some cases
  • Export DDL: Recycle bin objects appearing in grants to roles
  • Export DDL: Trigger script excluding DISABLE if comments exist in header
  • Generate HTML Database Docs: Multiple databases not exported correctly
  • Licensing: Access violation when deleting subscription license
  • Login Window: Fancy color names showing as "Custom" after selected
  • Login Window: Fixed poor performance when TNSNames.ora has thousands of entries
  • Logminer: Missing toolbar on last step
  • Master Detail: Schema migration not kicking in if user can select from DBA views
  • Object Search: Default window size is too wide
  • Object Search: Describe button on results tab not enabled for Package Bodies
  • Object Search: Select All not working in grid
  • Ping: Was disabled if Toad installed w/o internet option
  • Rebuild Multiple Objects: Window won't close when launched from SB-Partitions
  • Rebuild Table: Script error on long table names
  • Save Dialog: sometimes going behind popup editor
  • Schema Browser:
    • Quick filter not selecting only visible item
    • Renaming of scheduler tabs not sticking
    • Access violations introduced in prior beta
    • Add column - virtual column not producing valid SQL
    • Byte/Char always showing in SB-Tables-Columns despite option
    • Can't clear partitions in filter dialog
    • LHS/RHS getting out of sync
    • ORA-29275 thrown on bad data in DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS.GLOBAL_UID
    • Quick filter not selecting full text when only 1 item visible
    • Rename constraint dialog not handling long object names correctly
    • RHS buttons being disabled and RHS not refreshing after creating constraint
    • RHS Triggers not filling entire space
    • Subobjects - misc bugs
    • Synonyms tab gobbles up all memory
    • Treeview - Access Violation after expanding INDEX nodes in multiple schemas
  • Sensitive Data Awareness: F5 grid columns with potentially sensitive info not highlighted
  • Session Browser: Current Statement subtabs not staying in sync
  • Session Browser: Splitter position lost after minimize/maximize
  • SGA Trace (and a few other windows): Toad freezes when opening
  • SQL Recall: Window not appearing or causing access violations if Group By = None
  • TNSNames Editor: Access Violation when adding an entry
  • UTPLSQL: Unit tests not working if created from CTO
  • Window Bar: Buttons moving if "Save Connection Order" option checked


  • Alert Log Viewer: Added ability to load a local or remote files which are not the active alert log
  • Automation Designer: Added option to append/overwrite script output file
  • Color Schemes: Grid colors can now be changed in when color schemes are applied
  • Editor: Changed default value of dock-panel-repin option to "Unchecked"
  • Editor: Code Insight constraint query is faster.
  • Editor: Cursor fields now displayed in Code Insight
  • Editor: Option to limit constraints to current session in Code Insight
  • Legal Info: Legal info in Help->About now just links to help file
  • Login Window: TNSNames.ora can now be used when connecting without an Oracle client
  • Master-Detail:
    • Prompts for another schema if can't load MD file due to objects not found
    • Dropped columns now handled gracefully when loading MD files.
    • New buttons to add missing columns
  • Object Search: "Schema Browser Actions" button added to results toolbar
  • Options: Color schemes organized into dark/light categories. Also, you can now search for "dark mode" in options to find it.
  • Profiles: Password_rollover_time now supported in 19c, database patch applied
  • Run Procedure: Added a "Save settings as default" button for output options
  • Schema Browser: Added "Oracle Maintained" filter for users
  • Schema Browser: Can now show subobjects on LHS
  • Schema Browser: GLOBAL_NAME taken into consideration for DB Link Used By tab
  • Schema Compare: Added option to ignore view columns
  • Team Coding: Include/Exclude filters can now be specified globally for a project
  • Transactions Window: Moved from Output panel to its own dock panel, can now run while Transactions window is not open, with transaction indicators on connection bar

The change log for Toad version 15.1 is here

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