Toad for Oracle now available

We are pleased to announce the GA of our new version: Toad for Oracle

This version of Toad for Oracle Subscription allows for easier installation of bundled products you may be entitled to. Discover Xpert Plus edition which offers all the features and functionality of Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin plus SQL Optimizer. The Toad for Oracle Base Edition, Toad for Oracle Professional, Toad for Oracle Professional DB Admin, and the fantastic Toad for Oracle Xpert Plus are available for an affordable annual price.

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For all of our existing customers, Toad for Oracle contains many new fixes and enhancements. (Many of which have been suggested by our Toad World members—Thank you all!)

For more information on these and other stability and performance improvements, view the release notes at

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To learn more about Toad for Oracle, visit

Change Log

Bug Fixes

  • Alter Table Window
    • Can't modify DELETE RULE of a constraint
    • Split Partition - new partition displayed out of order in GUI
  • Automation Designer: Imported actions from another PC won't run from command line
  • Compare Table Data: Access violation when shutting down Toad with this window open
  • Connection Colors
    • Connection color borders drawn around windows sometimes disappear
    • Color not present when connection made via command line
  • Connections
    • Access violation after loss of connection
    • No client + TNSNames with IFILE, can't connect to the IFILE entries
    • No-client connection with TNSNames fails from command line
    • No-client mode: Direct connect specified with SID not saved correctly
  • Copy Data to Another Schema: Unicode in XMLTYPE turning into ????
  • Dark Mode
    • Hard to tell if toolbar (window/connection bar) button is is the "down" position
    • Extra scrollbars in schema browser enabled
  • Data Grid: Popup text editor, Unicode characters turning into ????
  • Database Browser: DB list not loading in no-client mode
  • Datagrids: Blob dialog crashing Toad
  • DBMS Output: Unicode characters causing error
  • Editor
    • Code Insight, access violation on object type fields
    • Code Insight, not working for common table expressions
    • Navigator splitter usable even when navigator is hidden
    • Refactor: Find Unused Identifiers, false positives
    • Scroll position lost after changing tabs
  • Export DDL: Schema Name being added in wrong place into Java Source
  • FTP: SFTP not connecting via private key file
  • Import Table Data: Bogus "invalid date" errors when Array DML option disabled
  • Login Window: fancy color names appearing as "Custom"
  • Queues: Create/Alter, Export DDL - queue_to_queue and delivery_mode not supported
  • Schema Browser
    • "mCols: cannot perform on a closed dataset" after F3 on a Column node.
    • AV on partitions tab in SB-Tables
    • Collection types not showing in Treeview if expanded first
    • List Index Out of Bounds error when compiling in treevew
    • Subobjects, triggers and indexes owned by other schemas not showing
    • Tables Data Grid, Detail dataset only showing 12 rows
    • Toad freezes when sorting recycle bin objects by tablespace
  • Script Execution
    • @@ not working in no-client mode
    • @@ not working when running unsaved scripts
    • Autotrace "Unable to retrieve statistics" error
  • SDI Mode: Access violation when opening SQL Recall
  • Session Browser: Wrong values for locked objects in Locks tabs
  • SQL Optimizer: Not working with clientless connections
  • SQL Tracker: Failing license check for Toad subscription
  • SQL Tuning Advisor - bad error message for SQLID that is no longer in cache
  • Team Coding: full connect string shown in output tab in no-client mode
  • Workspaces: Not loading when using no-client mode and TNSNames


  • Automation Designer: Removed unneeded variables
  • Compare Table Data: Target schema auto-selected based on source schema
  • Connection Colors: Connection color borders easier to see non-themed mode
  • Create/Alter Table: Add ability to toggle columns grid between basic/advanced
  • Editor
    • DBMS Output LOB technique restored (and improved)
    • Find dialog can now exclude or find only comments and/or strings
    • Made it easier to identify active tab in dark mode
    • Added button to view selected errors of script output in external editor
  • Generate Schema Script: Added "hide common users" in the "add" dialog.
  • Internal security enhancements
  • Options: caution user when moving options from default location
  • Schema Browser
    • Display icons for Team Coding Status column
    • More subobjects supported
    • Quick filter - added option to for auto wildcard filtering
  • Script Manager: Added ability to clear all output. Added ability to Save/Load connection list
  • Spool SQL: Added a "Pause" option
  • Team Coding
    • Added filter to Team Coding Manager
    • Added option to check in objects after script execution
  • Toad: Improved behavior in environments with limited networks

The change log for Toad version 16.0 is here

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