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Toad for Oracle Base Edition Connect with AWS RDS


I have created a AWS RDS Oracle DB with below details. I’m trying to connect with Toad for Oracle Base Edition but no luck. Can you please throw some light on this.

AWS DB: Oracle Standard Edition One

DB instance class :db.m4.large

I appreciate your help.




Are you able to use Toad to connect to other databases, from the same pc as this failed attempt?

It appears that you are missing an oracle client install on the pc you are running Toad on.

Even if your database is remote, in the cloud, or on the same pc, you still need a client installed.



Norm, Thank you for the response, What version of Oracle client do i have to prefer?




As you are using, then I would use that client, or a 12c client. The latter will be supported for longer than the former I suspect.

Good luck.


This issue is fixed. I replaced toad and Oracle Instant client with 32 bit.