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Will Toad for Oracle 12.1 work in Oracle V12.2 in Windows 10?

Greetings All,

I have installed Oracle database Version 12.2 and "Toad for Oracle 12.1" on my new PC with MS Windows 10. I've also transferred the Toad license from my Old PC to the new PC and added Oracle_HOME (i.e. C:\oracle\product\12.2.0\dbhome_1) to the PATH of the environment variables. But I keep receiving the following error while trying to connect to the database:

ORA-03134: Connections to this server version are no longer supported.

What is the resolution to fix this problem? If there is none, how can I get around the problem. I have used Toad for Oracle on a daily basis since 2008 with valid renewal maintenance contract each year until June, 2015, and I have continued using Toad. Toad for Oracle 12.1 is the latest version on my old PC and I now have to make Toad available on my new PC.

I am desperately in need of help on this. Any and all the help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks millions in advance.

This is an Oracle message, not a Toad message (even though you may see the message in Toad)

It sounds like you are trying to connect to an old database server with a new-ish Oracle client. I forget the exact versions, but an Oracle 12.2 client will give this message when attempting to connect to an Oracle 9i server, for example.

If you need to connect to old oracle servers, then install an old oracle client to go use with that server (version 10.2 should be old enough). You can keep your 12.2 oracle client to connect to newer server versions.

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Thank you so very much John for your prompt response. If I understand you correctly, it sounds like Toad for Oracle 12.1 should work properly after installing 10.2 Oracle client on my Windows 10 PC. If so, I will install Oracle 10.2 instant client on my new PC.

Thanks again,

I'd recommend:
Use your 12.2 client that you already have to connect to database version 11.1 and higher

Install a 10.2 client if you need to connect to database versions 9.2 -> 10.2

Install a 9.2 client if you need to connect to database version 8i or 9.1

It's OK to have multiple oracle clients installed at the same time. You can tell Toad which one to use on the login window.

Thank you very much John. Your information is very helpful. Since the Toad for Oracle Version 12.1 works on my Old PC (Windows 7) w/ Oracle 10.2 Instant Client, I will install Oracle 10.2 Instant Client with the same system configuration setup on my New PC Windows 10 for "Toad for Oracle" Version 12.1 . It should work and I will post the result here once all done, possibly sometime early next week.

Thanks again John.

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Hi John and All,

Yes, it worked like a charm and was much easier than I initially anticipated. Since I have already installed Toad for Oracle 12.1 on my new PC, I only have to do the following to make Toad to work on my new PC:

  1. Copy Oracle Instantclient 10.2 zip file from my old PC to the new PC;
  2. Unzip the zip file;
  3. Added the folder that contains the unzipped files to the path of the system variables in the environment variable.

Thanks again and Hope this information helps,