Toad for Oracle Non-Subscription License

Does Quest offer a non-subscription license for Toad for Oracle?



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In any event, wasn't that type of license a perpetual use of a specific version type of thing?


There are both perpetual and term licenses.

With the perpetual, the Toad.exe that you buy is yours forever and will work forever, but you can only upgrade it as long as your maintenance contract is still in effect.

With term, Toad will stop working after the license expires. I am not certain how upgrades work with term, but I think you can upgrade as long the license is still in effect.


I was wanting to get an idea how much a Expert+DBA Suite would cost as a one-time purchase. My recollection is that they were over $6500 some years ago. But, I could only find subscription prices in the Price Options page.


IIRC, online purchases are subscription only, but you can talk to a sales person to buy non-subscription. I have no idea what the cost is. I just make it worth it. :smiley:


you sure do make it worth the cost