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Toad For oracle OSX edition


Hi Toad Developers,

Our Toad sales rep just advise me to put my question here:

Is there a toad version that support Oracle for OSX?

I currently have to run a Windows VM in order to use Toad for any pl/sql dev work, and any DB management.


Using the Oracle client/SQL*Net, Toad for Oracle should be able to connect to any supported Oracle database, whether Oracle is installed on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, etc.

So, assuming that you’re asking whether there is a version of Toad/Oracle that installs natively on OSX.
Quest does not have a version of Toad for Oracle that runs natively on Mac OSs.

Most customers that are running Toad/Oracle on their Macs are doing so either by running a virtual environment, as you are doing, or by running Toad within a Windows Emulating layer.
See link below for an article that discusses using CrossOver, for example, but there are other Win Emulation products you can consider.

Hope this helps.