[Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition] Startup Hangs at 'Checking for critical files....'

Apparently something has changed between ToA 12.1 and 12.5 - because now whenever I attempt to start ToA 12.5, the program hangs at ‘Checking for critical files…’ on the splash screen - unless I right-click the short cut and ‘Run as Administrator’. I have to forcibly kill the Toad.exe process from Task Manager in order to regain control.

This is a bit ridiculous since I never had to run ToA 12.1 as Administrator - it just starts right up.

What’s the deal?

read about this here: www.toadworld.com/…/22106.aspx

Simply do the below step and it works fine.

Right click on “Toad for Oracle 12.5” --> Properties–> “Compatibilty” Tab --> Privilege Level --> Enable (Run this program as administrator.

This will keep this setting and no need to give run as administrator all the time.