Checking critical files takes too long

17.0.3 x64 version
i saw in 4258492 that this should be fixed since 12.5. version, but now in 17.0.3 is back again.
I assigned printer to MS print to pdf, and all other i cannot obey as i am not admin on my comp.
In 16 version this was not so long.
Is there any help or any other advice?

Please generate a log file and send it. Email it to me at To enable log generation go to the General page in Options and check the "Enable logging" checkbox. You can leave "One time only" checked. Toad will prompt you to restart. Click Yes. After startup, close Toad and send ToadDebug.log. It will be at %APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\17.0\Logs\ToadDebug.log by default. You can confirm your APPDATA location in Options on the "Files and Folders | App Folders" page.


[INFO] [2024-04-18T13:35:46.970Z] - Checking for critical files
[INFO] [2024-04-18T13:35:47.017Z] - No Proxy used                      <<<<<
[INFO] [2024-04-18T13:36:08.679Z] - No Proxy used                       <<<<<
[INFO] [2024-04-18T13:36:30.427Z] - Getting license information
[INFO] [2024-04-18T13:36:30.428Z] - Verifying Toad license

This is the biggest wait in ToadDebug.log

That may be misleading and that there may be something happening after the critical files check that is not logged fully. In Toad's Options on the Online page uncheck the "Allow internet access" checkbox and try again. When I do that locally the "No proxy used" messages disappear from the log. Try that and see if things improve. During startup we download a file from one of our servers and we also have application telemetry that uses the network. Unchecking the "Allow internet access" option disables both of those.