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Toad for oracle12.5.0.99 64 bit is very slow in my windows 7 system


Recently I have received a windows 64 bit machine where I installed Toad for oracle 64 bit version. Whenever I try to connect to a new db, it is taking almost 5 mins to get connected. During that time it is showing Toad is not responding. When I was using Toad for oracle 11.6 32 bit version with my previous system, i was not seeing this issue. I tried to downgrade i.e., install toad for oracle 11.6 64 bit version, it is also not installing now.

Can someone pls help me in this.

thanks in advance.


Read these blogs - one of them may help:…/help-toad-for-oracle-seems-slow.aspx…/speed-up-toad.aspx…/go-toad-go.aspx…/toad-sometimes-slow-on-oracle-10g.aspx