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Toad for PostgreSQL

Hello to TOAD developers and thank you for your great product.

It’s not a secret, that powerful database tool extends developer’s opportunities and increases productivity. And that’s why enterprise business is a most popular customer for Oracle TOAD.

So, using TOAD made a lot of Oracle developer’s life much easier and better.

And of course, we’d like to feel the same productivity for PostgreSQL development as well.

As you know, a lot of open-source, social and non-commercial projects are powered by PostgreSQL, and increasing those projects developers’ productivity could bring a lot of new opportunities for all this world.

That’s why, all we ask Dell for finding resources to include the most powerful functionality of Oracle commercial TOAD to PostgreSQL tool as well. And of course, we kindly ask you to make it freeware at full functionality.

Hi ikamil,

Thanks for the compliments on Toad for Oracle! We are currently developing a new Toad product that will support Postgres in the same powerful way that our current Toad products support Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2, and SAP solutions (just to name a few.) We expect that this new Toad product will be available later this year!

Stay tuned!

Oh, that’s great news though.

PostgreSQL community is huge, and it growth nowadays faster than ever.

As there is no “default” tool go PostgreSQL, TOAD has all the chances to become one, of course if it will stay free for Vanilla PostgreSQL.

The great opportunity for commercialize Toad is supporting additional functionality of advanced versions of PostgreSQL, such as EDB (USA) and PostgreSQL Professional (Russia), their support could be commercial too.

So, there are a lot of opportunities for commercialize Toad for PostgreSQL, but making full Toad’s PG version free (as PostgreSQL is free and open source itself), could bring the world some really extremely valuable.

All the huge community will be thankful for free TOAD for PostgreSQL, and I’m sure, that tool will help to increase the PostgreSQL popularity as well, bringing you new opportunities of commercial versions advanced support, leaving the main version free.

Wow, finally.

I look forward to see the result if it can compete with currently available solutions.

Are there any updates when this product will be released for Postgres?