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Toad for SQL-Server 6.5 if you quickly press Alt+O, then would be CRASH!!


At Toad for SQL-Server 6.5, When I open the “explorer database object”, and choice one table, in the “define filter for data” key in some condition, this time if you quickly press Alt+O, then would be CRASH!! (more and more popup window comes…until out of memory)

Have any people get the same situation ?

video as follow:



I cannot replicate this Jerry. I press ALT-O and I get the Open Connection manager asking me to connect to another database. That is normal behavior. I cannot see “define filter for data” though, so I skipped that step, but why would you want to ALT-O when you’re defining a filter anyway? Does not make sense.


The step is:

  1. open the connection dialog

  2. choice one connection (connect it )

  3. explorer database object

  4. Choice one table in the left window

  5. at right windows choice “Data” tabpage

  6. click the “Defile filter for data”

  7. key-in some condition ( for example: somefield >= ‘2661’ )

  8. This time, quickly press Alt+O

cause crashes !!

I attach the video url as follow:


As per my reply to you privately - this is not happening to my version of Toad and it’s 100% the same as yours (version number wise). There could be some dodgy settings on your version.


Thanks God when I use Toad version 6.6 beta, this situation did not happen even once. Toad 6.6 is migration all setting and config from version 6.5.

It is because of this situation caused me great distress, so I post on this forum.