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Toad hangs when using Formatting tools

Version: Toad for Oracle (64-bit) v12.8.0.49

OS: Windows 7 Pro

When writing PL/SQL code, I often use the hotkeys to format my code (i.e. CTRL-A, SHIFT-CTRL-F). Lately (past ~2 months), Toad has been hanging shortly after formatting. It is intermittent and only seems to happen 1 or 2 times per day.

Immediately after using that hotkey combination, I notice the “Navigator” pane is blank (trying to refresh?). When this happens I can still do some things (e.g. save code to file), but if I try to refresh the “Navigator” pane or perform any SQL, then Toad hangs (i.e. spinning cursor). I have to use Task Manager to kill it, which does give me the option to save un-saved work (thankfully).

Is this a known bug? If not, how can I report it?

Dan T.

12.8 has a memory leak when parsing. Formatting is done by the parser so perhaps it too is affected. When it hangs have you noticed memory usage? Navigator refresh is definitely affected by it. This memory leak has been presenting itself as an Out of Memory exception and not what you describe so the two may be unrelated. One thing you could try is skipping the select all. If you’re formatting the entire edit buffer then Ctrl+Shift+F will do that without selecting everything. That will take some of the work out of the system.

I have not gotten any memory error messages. Next time it happens I will check the memory usage to see if I see anything abnormal. I have 16Gb of physical memory.

I will also try without the CTRL-A and report if I notice a difference.

Last week I fixed a spurious corruption in the formatter which could be the cause of the above problem. The corruption became visible after a specific change in our regression test rig, and well to our surprise.

Such corruptions can cause anything, including hangs and crashes.

The next drop of the parser component will include that fix. (QP-1629)

It just happened again. During hang I see:

used: 7.11 GB / 45%

free: 89

After killed from Task Manager:

used: 5.24 GB / 33%

free: 1988

Whether a leak or not, it did seem to be using a lot of memory.

Ok. That’s not too bad, really. It’s not ideal and the mem leak fix for 12.9 will help, but you’re a ways out from Out of Memory error.

I have to take back my words: after checking everything out the said corruption is NOT present in the latest parser components, it only showed up in our development branch.

So sorry, that would not be the cause.

Perhaps you may want to dump the hanging process (task manager -> processes tab -> right click to create dump file) and send us the .dmp file.