Toad is not recognizing key fields set by PeopleSoft App Designer


When describing a table within Toad, it doesn't show any key fields as defined by the tables structure within People Soft App Designer. I realize that these are two separate entities, but when a table is created based on that structure, then Toad should recognize the structure accordingly. It recognizes the Data_type, whether the field is nullable, etc. But not what the keys are.

Any ideas as to how to make this happen? Thanks!

I don’t know anything about PeopleSoft App designer, but it doesn’t seem to be creating primary key constraints. Maybe it just creates unique constraints. Have you looked on the Constraints tab?

So, yes, Toad does show the unique contraints correctly. But it doesn’t show the key fields at all. And these are keys that are definitely defined in the database. In the example above, they would be Emplid, Reg_region, immun_code and start_date.

As long as I’ve worked with Toad, its never recognized these (in our company), and it never bothered me much. But now there are Data Point tools that I would like to use that would be easier to use if the keys were recognized.

For example, I can’t see related tables because there are no realted keys, according to Toad.

How does PeopleSoft App Developer define a Key Field? It doesn’t seem like it uses a Primary Key Constraint, or it would show up in Toad.

Actually, I was just looking at that and I see your point. PS calls it a key field but when the script is created, it is only created as a unique constraint. Odd, but definitely the issue. That’s not good at all:-( Thanks though!