Toad locks up when network connection lost

OK, this is the second time now and this time I was here to see it in action.

I’m using Toad with SQL Optimizer on Windows XP connected over our LAN to Oracle when the network connection has a brief hiccup. Toad freezes for a few seconds, then displays a dialog titled “TOAD Error” that says in part:

ORA-03135: connection lost contact

It has a series of buttons: Help (ghosted out); Clipboard; Details; OK

None of these buttons, nor the close window ‘X’ button, closes the dialog to free Toad up for another attempt at connecting. Multiple clicks on the OK or X does nothing. The only way to fix this is to kill Toad from the Task Manager.

I’m used to the database going down from underneath Toad, having it complain, but then being able to re-establish connections once things come back up. This behavior seems to be new to Toad since this version.


  • Pete J.

Same experience. I also notice that Toad is using 50% of the cpu when it reaches this state.