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Hanging / crashing of toad after connection loss

Hi, i have a lot of problems with toad 11 (never had these with toad 9)

many times i loss the connection (working a lot in the train) so loss of connection is expected, the problem is only when this is happening when changing between tabs or refreshing the left or right side toad just dies or becomes unresponsive

is there any time-frame on when this is going to be fixed? or better is there a fix for it, i stopped using the background worker, that is making it worse.

also when longer running things are running and you have the wait screen, i always hope the connection is not dropped then, 9 out of 10, it doesn’t die but the screen is messed/scrambled-up, the drawing of the individual windows goes wrong, to fix it restart toad, and when closing down toad it tries to connect first ??? Grr more time wasted.

in general toad is very bad in handling connections, 8 out of 10 when reconnecting and while it is doing this the connection drops again it just dies.

i will probably go back very soon to toad 9 and see if i can get a refund. at this point toad is costing me more time that it saving me.

Toad 11.6 is two years old - we’re on Toad (released yesterday in fact). So your problem may well have been fixed if you load the newer versions (12.0, 12.1, 12.5, etc.).

I have the same issues with 11.x, 12.1, 12.5 and 12.5.1 whenever I loose my VPN connection and try a Session/Test Connection. After timing out with a no listener error (which is expected) clicking on any of the connection tabs crashes Toad and the window disappears.

I have the same issue as Raymond except that I don’t get ANY error message at all.

After one connection times out (because I’m working on a different database connection for while), then clicking on ANY tab that is associated with the timed-out connection, will cause toad to completely crash and disappear (from the Windows taskbar and Windows Task Manager) without even displaying any error messages. Unsaved work is lost. This is really bad because of the lost work issue but it is also really bad because it doesn’t even leave you with any error to refer to or report to DELL Software.

Is this a known issue? How can I make it known to Dell so they will fix it?

Are more People having this issue? I can reproduce it on multiple machines?

Weekly 4-5 days while leaving office I am just closing laptop, later when I login to the laptop all the open application EXCEPT TOAD are good but the toad application is crashing with error message as shown in the attachment. This is frequently I am facing.

Error message: an option “Close the application” and other option “Check online for a solution and close the program”

Always toad is suggesting there is latest version of TOAD, I hope this problem may resolve in latest version. Please look into either directly resolving or
downloading latest version.

Currently I am using Toad
Bundle: Toad for Oracle Xpert (64-bit).


Sudarsana Reddy, Bangalore, India