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Still have to task kill TOAD if connection lost.

Beta 12.5 (all versions) and 12.1.x.x.


  1. Have TOAD session connection active, run a few queries.
  2. Bounce Oracle Server or take offline and back on-line again.
  3. Run a query without reconnecting session (because you didn’t know server had gone offline). TOAD complains about lost session.
  4. Large region of bottom of editor screen eaten up with some blank panel - that you can never get rid of. (Really annoying).
  5. Now you cannot shut the session tab down or close TOAD, even if you reconnect session before trying.
  6. TOAD now mangled and you have to task kill every time.

Hi Paul,

I just tried to reproduce this (and I have many times in the past). I am not doubting that you have the problems you describe, but Toad 12.5 seems to handle it pretty gracefully for me. I just get an ORA-03135: connection lost contact, then it silently reconnects for me and executes my query. I don’t know if there is something different about your network or SQL*Net settings or what that causes you to have different results.