Toad Logs In with Normal User But not with SYSTEM (Oracle 11g)


I’m using TOAD For Oracle Version

I use it to connecto to four different databases. Three of them are 10g and one is 11g, the newest of the batch.

I have no problems with Oracle 10g whatsoever

When I try to connect to the 11g database (version using a normal user I have no problem, but if I try to connect using SYSTEM or SYS i get an “ORA-01017 invalid username/password” message.

Both the users and the passwords are OK. I actually can connect using SQLPLUS in the server, and SQLPLUS for Windows with no problem.

Would this be a TOAD for Oracle version problem?

Than you,

Erick García

TOAD sends passwords in upper case.
If you have permission, change the password of the user you want to logon as to all uppercase.

I’m using TOAD 11 on an Oracle 11g database. I do not have permission to change the password, and it is in lower case. Everyone wants me to change Oracle, but mixed case passwords are the better security measure. I have tried double quoting the password - didn’t work. I tried not entering the password and having the pop-up ask for the password - didn’t work. Tried upgrading to TOAD 12.7 - didn’t work. How do I force TOAD to accept and use mixed case passwords?

I am not sure about Toad 11, but double-quoting should work in Toad 12.7.