just installed free Toad and I get ORA 12154


As I said above, I just installed the free toad and I get ORA 12154
when I try to login to TOAD. I supply the schema, password just as I do when I open a console window and invoke sqlplus - it works in sqlplus but not in toad.

when I click on the button to the right of the connect using…
information on the toad login screen, it shows me my tnsnames
file contents and says all the entries are invalid. But the one
which is listed as the default works with sqlplus.

Is this an installation problem? Any ideas?

I submitted a post like this a number of days ago and it hasn’t
shown up yet. If for some reason it’s unacceptable to whoever
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common) courtesy of being informed as to why.



Check to make sure that your TOAD connect screen has the oracle home set to the
correct oracle client install. 99.99% of the time when someone gets this
particular error message (and they say but it works in sql plus), they simply
have the two tools pointing to different oracle homes or something else like

In fact because we get this very exact same question all the time –
I’ve blogged about it on toad world (read this blog – it answers
your question):


Here’s another one on connection stuff too: