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Oracle 11g

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How do I get Toad to stop “seeing things”.

I’m trying to refresh the dev database with a fresh export of the prod data, for a specific data set. (schema browser > tables > {choose table} > export data > insert statements)

When I try to run the inserts of correctly existing production data, I get all kinds of false characters that blow up the inserts. When I say crazy characters, I mean there is nothing there. But there might be extra blank lines, or new lines that weren’t in PROD. When I view the inserts in ultraedit’s hex editor, the weird spots show as three dots. (…) Looked on line, and the only thing I could find about three dots in hex is a stacked three dots like a triangle that symbolize “therefore”.

When I view the data in the production database, it looks fine. It is also translated fine in the browser when you view the reports.

But when you try to run the insert in Toad, it sees it as basically a broken string. You get the typical (“The yellow house” unrecognized command, the rest ignored.) error reported to the screen.

Set define off doesn’t work.

Set define ^ doesn’t work either.

It’s not an issue with “&” or apostrophe’s. I have those all escaped out correctly.



What Oracle client version are you using? I’ve seen weird characters show up when older clients are used. If that’s not it, I’d take a close look (using the DUMP command) at the source data.