I’m giving up with this release now and reverting to TOAD 9.6.1.

I’ve just run a load of CTAS scripts to create a new schema with some test data and at least half of the tables have been created with strange charcaters in the column names. This also happened when I tried to ALTER a table.

eg “COMMENTSȀ” - actually looks like 'COMMENTS with two square symbols in my schema browser . If I try to see the data I get this ‘“COMMENTSȀ”: invalid identifier’

I’ll revert to the earlier version of TOAd where I’m certain these scripts will run correctly.

Best wishes


I don’t think there is anything wrong with your tables since Oracle created
the tables, not Toad.

I think they just aren’t showing up right because you are using an Oracle
client older than 10g. Upgrade your Oracle client and I think everything will
show up right.


Having problems like this and punting back to versions of Toad prior to 10,
prior to us adding support for Unicode, is no guarantee of safety. In fact it’s
sometimes a marker that there is a problem with how your databases were
initially configured, and the character sets they use compared to the data they
are asked to contain. Versions of Toad prior to 10 simply didn’t care, and would
let you get away with things which for many customers is now becoming a very
significant issue. Hopefully that isn’t the case with you, but it’s probably
worth hanging around long enough to figure out what’s going on with the help of
others. (A quick glance at your note tells me it could be as simple as a Font

Have you contacted Quest Support?

One person in our department had a similar problem when he switched to 10.1. We
had to switch because we were going to UTF-8. He ended up using 9.??. but when
he got a new computer it seemed to disappear.

many thanks to everyone who replied. All your replies were helpful but in the first case I switched to using the 10g client and everything looks good again. I’ll go back to using the 10.6.1 release of TOAd now. I should have thought about the client version first.

Best wishes