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I just upgraded my Toad for Oracle version. Everything seems fine EXCEPT

When I load a schema from the dialog box, it will add an extra character to the schema name. The character is an extended ASCII character whose source I cannot ascertain. I deleted the schema from the list and tried to add it anew and it did add it, again with extra characters.

Loading a schema from the pull-down once I am in works as expected. I am not sure what is causing this and it is getting in the way.

Can anyone assist?

Thank you.

Are you using Oracle client version

We have a known issue with it. Please use Oracle client version,, or 18.anything. I do not recommend any 19c client, as they have a memory leak with LOBs.

To be clear - Toad has no problems with Oracle server version or 19c. Only client version or 19c.

Thank you for the prompt reponse.

Yes. That is the version that I am using.

However, if the choice is between disrupting the organization by requiring an update to the Oracle client or not dealing with a minor version upgrade in TOAD, we cannot upgrade TOAD until or if this issue is addressed. I am sure you understand.

Is there any effort to resolve this issue?

Your help is appreciated.

Yes, we hope to have it resolved by the next version.

Unfortunately, it is a bug in the current version of our data access component. I've reported it to them here . They have confirmed the issue and will hopefully they will have it fixed soon so we can have it fixed in the next Toad version. You are welcome to comment on that thread so that maybe they will give it a higher priority.

The prior version of our data access component had a problem with CLOBs that was impossible to work around, so I felt like it was necessary for us to switch to this new version despite the problem (which has a workaround).

However, if the choice is between disrupting the organization by requiring an update to the Oracle client...

I'm not trying to be a smart-alec, but how is updating an Oracle client any more disruptive than updating Toad?

Fair Question. Not everyone needs the features that are being rolled out in 14.2 or have come across any of the issues that necessitated the update from 14.1 to 14.2. However, minor as it is, the regression work that is part and parcel of upgrading to a new Oracle client would not be warranted just to satisfy the use of 14.2.

I upgrade to be aware of what is new, useful or exciting and am old school. Others don't see the necessity.