Toad Schemas or Multiple schemas compares

In Database\Compare\Schemas or Database\Compare\Multiple Schemas … is there a way to exclude the actual schema name from comparison? I have 2 different schemas to compare (MXPRD and MAXIMO), and the views kick out as diffs because the schema names differ only. The application team requested different schema names and surely there shouldbe a way to exclude them from the comparison.

Thanks for your time.

That shouldn’t be a problem unless you have the schema name somewhere inside of the view definition (such as ‘create view blah as select columns from SCHEMA.table’).

Is that what you mean? We don’t have an option to parse those schema names out of the view definition, but they shouldn’t be needed either.

On the other hand, if you are talking about having the schema name before the view name, as in “create view SCHEMA.view as…”, the schema compare won’t flag that as a difference between the views, but it may show up in the side by side viewer if the schema compare flags the view for some other difference.