Toad simply disappears


I’m on Toad for Oracle, Beta

I’ve just encountered another case where Toad simply disappears.
Here’s what happened (in a nutshell):

While running a lengthy script using F5, the script encounters an issue and raises ORA-20001
I click “Ignore” on the pop-up
Script continues for a few seconds
Then just before the script ends, Toad disappears without a trace.

I just checked my trace table - indeed the script did not complete, it just disappeared
in the midst of its activities.

Kind regards,
Abe Kornelis

Abe, I’m guessing I’ll need several tables of yours as well as the script to reproduce it. If you don’t mind sending them, please do…

Otherwise, is it possible to reproduce this with a simple test case?


I’m sorry - the problem does not even reproduce right here :frowning:

I would suggest not to put time and energy into this one unless it recurs.
If it does, I’ll seek to save all relevant data.

Kind regards,