Toad SQL recall strange behavior

I have noticed some strange behavior with sql recall in toad for oracle. Whenever I try to recall more than one command it always puts the red stop sign error message next to the second command. Why is it doing that? When I run the sql command it runs fine.

When statements are saved to SQL Recall they are not saved with the statement terminator. When they are copied to the Editor they also lack it. When you send more than one statement to the Editor the first statement lacks the terminator which is a syntax error. You can add a ; to the end of the first statement. I'm kind of surprised this is the first time it has come up because it seems like a defect to me. I'll log something to look at this.

Would it help if I also replied to the bug? Would they be more likely to fix it in that case?

They is me and no, our bug reporting system is all internal so you can't access it.