Toad-SS- Beta - Status

To: The Toad SQL Server Beta User/Testers.

Reference the current Beta Release and cycle.

To all my friends and out-laws who have been working on Toad SQL Server and the
5.5 beta releases, I want to enlighten you on a few facts and ask you to trust
Quest management and product development in their efforts to bring a stable and
feature packed product to the market place.

I and five other outlaw friends, have been quite harsh on Quest for bringing to
the Beta cycle what we have deemed to be as an ALPHA release. Let me assure you
the emails that have written you would not have wanted to receive.

As a history, I got involved with the product in 2005 when it was just blue
smoke and thunder under the guidance of folks like David Christian, Johnny
Ortega (who has since moved on in their carrier choices) along with a host of
other product managers, developers some of which are still on the job and some
who have been transferred to other products in Quest. So I am just a user who
has been an avid supporter of the product for now SIX years. During that time
people have come and gone at Quest as they have in our respective lives. Three
of my older teenagers are a GA Tech Master Graduate in engineering, a USA Army
Apache Helicopter pilot protecting our freedoms and a Univ-of-GA graduate
student in Geology who will more than likely be finding new GAS and OIL
repositories for the good old US-of-A and its friends and allies in the near

The point here, is that as we have changed, so has Quest and their development
efforts and needs. Currently, there is a new Sheriff in St. Petersburg Russia
and he has a few new deputies who have been saddled with the responsibility of
making the Toad for SQL Server product the premier product in the market place.
So while we complain about issues like have à “code complete” ß
and the stability of the product… There is no group more interested in get
these real and reported issues straight then Valentin Baev and his crew

Therefore, I respectfully request that we all hang in there with these new folks
in the Toad-SS neighborhood and cut them the slack they need just as we would
our sister, brothers and children who are dealing with new and legacy code.

If you want to complain about the product, the Lord knows I sure have, then do
so! However, if you complain then give them what they need when they need it to
get to the bottom on your specific issue. PLEASE do not turn your back on the
product. PLEASE assist me and your peers in making this the SQL Server
DBA/Developer/Data Analyst product of choice. If you want to cuss, fuss and be
extremely vitriolic about the product, then send your comment directly to me for
I have a core group of outlaws like yourself on this product who will clearly
join in your chorus line. Once I get your complaint I will send them to the
Sheriff and the Mayor of Quest, who will be more than happy to receive a shot
across their bow.

So what can you do? Do what I am doing and we all have been doing!!! TEST THE
PRODUCT !!! Please remember it is a BETA release and not a GA (General
Acceptance) release which you must trust but verify your results. This product
needs this Beta community, which I understand is one of the best within Quest.

Lastly, If you do not like this letter, then you are not the target of this

Hank Freeman

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