Toad startup script

Hello everyone,

my first post here so I hope I don't break any forum rules. My question is:

Is It possible to create a startup script (to run at Toad options/Startup/File to load on startup) that would open multiple windows with allready created connections (all my password are saved in Toad) ?

To put It in another way - when I work with Toad I have to manually open many windows for different databases (and connect to each one of them). I wish to automate that If possible, It takes me a lot of time every day to do that.

I'm hoping for some script example.

Thank you in advance !

What you are describing is workspaces. Do this.

  1. Set up Toad how you like it (connections, windows, whatever)
  2. On main toolbar, click the button to the right of where it says "no workspace selected". Give it a name like "Default Workspace" or whatever makes sense to you.
  3. Go to Options -> General. Check "Automatically save and restore workspaces"

Now, when you close and restart Toad, it will automatically reconnect whatever connections and windows were open when you closed it.

You could also set up multiple, pre-defined workspaces and skip step 3. Then after you start Toad, just choose whichever workspace you want.

Hi John,

thanks for response. Guess like I can't do what you mentioned, our company uses licensed version and I haven't see anywhere option for workspaces. I clicked pretty much everything.

Is there something else I could do with my version or must we upgrade Toad to latest version ?

Hi Luka,

10.6! Wow. That's a really old version. You're right, we didn't support workspaces in that version. Update to the latest (16.1) if you want this feature.