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TOAD connection to Oracle Cloud Autonomous Database using Wallet

Can TOAD connect to an Autonomous Database in Oracle Cloud using the Oracle Cloud provided 'Instance Wallet'?
i.e. the zip that can be downloaded from >> Autonomous Database Details > DB Connection

Yes, that's all handled by the Oracle client, so there is nothing you need to do in Toad once you have that downloaded and configured with your client.

Hi John
When I unzip the contents and move it into the oracle client \network\admin folder, the connection from TOAD works correctly
When I then try to add a 2nd db's wallet connection details to the 1st (updating the tnsnames.ora), the connection fails with
ORA-28860: Fatal SSL error

I guess this might be because the 2nd wallet files are specific for a db / connection, but I can't combine them with the 1st wallet's details

Do you know how to get around this (and not needing multiple oracle homes)?

Are there any plans to support to support a wallet configuration file per connection as in SQL Developer?

I haven't set this up myself, but whatever steps you'd take to set this up for SQL*Plus will also work for Toad.

There are two possibilities that I know of to get this to work. The first is to get a "Regional wallet" from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) from your autonomous transaction processing (ATP) database, put that on your local workstation, and update your sqlnet.ora to reflect the path to the regional wallet. The regional wallet will work for the ATP's you have defined in your region and you won't need an individual Instance Wallet. The trade off is the same as the benefit, a single wallet opens an encrypted channel to all of the ATP dbs in your region, which depending on what you are doing might not make sense from a security perspective.
Which leads us to option two. Download instance wallets for each ATP instance and make an entry for each instance wallet in your sqlnet.ora file that points to each wallet.
I have gotten the regional wallet, and instance wallet to work. I have not done more than one wallet, but have seen it described in articles found on the web, but don't currently have a link.
John is correct that it really is not a Toad issue. If you can get it to work with SQLPlus, tnsnames.ora, and sqlnet.ora, it will work with Toad.
Hope this helps

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