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TOAD upgrade from version to 9.7



I am planning to upgrade TOAD from version to 9.7 (I believe this is
what work-company has). Do I need to be aware of anything or do I need to save
some ini files, e.g. files that retain passwords, connections etc.?

Thank you



You’re upgrading from a really old version, to an old version. On top of
that, you are jumping more than 2 versions, which is not supported by Quest.
Since these versions are old, it’s hard to remember what kind of upgrade
issues could’ve occurred back then. One thing off the top of my head is
that with this upgrade, you’re going from a version where we used to store
user files in the program files, or install directory, to a version where we
started writing user files to application data. The upgrade logic should be
there to copy your 9.1 user files from program file to the new location in app
data, but like I said, since you’re jumping more than 1 version, this was
probably not tested. The short answer, upgrade at your own risk. My suggestion?
Get Toad 10.5 and start fresh.

I hope this helps



Get Toad 10.5 and start fresh.

I like starting fresh myself. It gives me an opportunity to explore all the new
stuff without my customization hiding things such as new menu items :slight_smile: