copying 9.5 user files to 10.5 .. database connections dont show up

On my new laptop I first installe version 10.5 and then copied the contents of the user files from old computer that had 9.5. Location on the old computer is C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\User Files

Copied to the new computer at C:\program files\Quest Software|Toad for Oracle 10.5\ClientFiles\User files.

After restating Toad 10.5, I dont see any saved connections. Did I copy the files correctly in correct location? There was no ClientFiles in 9.5.

Any help will be appreciated!

Can you install 9.7 or 9.6 on your old machine then upgrade on the old machine to version 10 first?

Also, when you move the connections/passwords file, you’ll want to make sure your logon user name is the same.

We only test/support upgrade paths for 2 versions back. Version 9.5 is 4 versions back, so moving your files like that in most cases will be problematic.

Did I copy the files correctly in correct location?

No. The correct destination is your application data folder. On Win7-

C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.5

Different on earlier os versions but you get the idea.

as for compatibility, I think the format is compatible, I can't recall though.

I forgot the trailing “User Files” folder -

“C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\10.5\User Files”

Also, if you copied the files over your 10.5 installation folder then you’ve likely corrupted some files that we use to update your AppData user files. You may want to reinstall 10.5 and then copy over the user files. Also, Toad will prompt you to copy user files from an existing location so you really shouldn’t have to do anything manually. Just run 10.5 after installing and it should guide you.

Jeff is also correct in his recommendation. Toad for Oracle supports upgrading
from two versions back. It will not automatically pick up the Toad 9.5
installation in the “Copy User Files” step of the Initial Setup
wizard. You can attempt to select this folder manually using the ellipse button
if you’d like, but there’s no guarantee that it will migrate
everything over successfully. The following would be much safer: