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Toad won't launch a new connection when opening a recovered file against a globally identified user


Unfortunately I don’t have access to the Toad 12 GA (and am unlikely to do so, plus installing unauthorised programs is now a major no-no at work *{:frowning: ), so I won’t be able to partake in the betas any more.

Before I go, however, there was a bug in the 12.0 beta which I couldn’t pinpoint in time for the GA release, but have since worked out how to repeat it.

Basically, if I want to recover an editor backup that was created under a local password schema, and I ask it to open the connection as well, it does. However, if the file to be recovered was created under a schema that’s globally identified (ie. EUS authenticated), the file is opened but I have to manually launch the connection.

In addition to that, we still have the old, old issue where if you open a recovered editor backup and Toad crashes again, it’s no longer recoverable when you reopen Toad - even if you’ve made changes that should have triggered backups to be saved. A colleague of mine was caught out by this recently, so it’s not just me who finds it a problem.

Thanks, and good luck with future Betas - hopefully I’ll be able to come back soon!