[17.0.91] Recover Documents Issue

I've noticed for a few versions of the 17.0.x beta the Recover Documents feature isn't working the same. In version 16.3.231, if you choose "File / Recover Documents..." and there are no documents available, a dialog box appears "No files found to recover". In 17.0.x beta's, this dialog box does not appear, and nothing occurs in the app.

Also, I've noticed if TOAD crashes for any reason with the 17.0.x beta's, I no longer have the ability to recover documents ... they don't seem to be captured anymore.


Hi Bill,

I just tested it in 17.0.91 and it worked for me. Try this:

  1. Go to Options -> Editor -> Behavior.
  2. Make sure "Backup editor every ___ minutes" is checked. If it isn't, then recover documents won't work and that's why you are not getting the recovery prompt.
  3. Open Editor and type in some text, then wait at least however many minutes were specified in options.
  4. You can, but don't have to, go to your User Files folder to watch for the backup files to appear. They are named like ~eb*.tmp. You should see one of these files appear (one for each modified and unsaved editor tab) after waiting the backup interval.
  5. Kill Toad from task manager
  6. Restart Toad and the recover documents prompt should appear

If that doesn't work, delete all ~eb files, including ~EditorBackups.txt and ~EditorBackupsPrompted.txt (while Toad is not running), and try again. I'm not aware of any problems with these files but if you were to "reset" it, that would be how to do so.

Hi John,

My backup interval was already set to 1 minute. I next tested making changes to a new Editor window and watched the User Files folder for an ~eb*.tmp file to appear. Once it did, I Killed TOAD and relaunched. I still could not open the Recover Documents dialog. I then closed TOAD and deleted all the ~eb*.tmp files as well as ~EditorBackups.txt and ~EditorBackupsPrompted.txt files as you suggested. After that, I was successfully able to test and get Recover Documents to work. Must be there was a rouge backup file that was causing the issue. I did keep the backup files that were in the folder if you'd like me to ZIP them up and email them to you for analysis.


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